Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Today marks my 90 day blitz for Dark Legacy. I am going to be busting my tail within the next 90 days in order to finish Dark Legacy. I have no idea how much I am going to get done but I am hoping to finish up the project within the next 90 days.

So, for those of you who are actually watching this blog. There is going to be a lot more activity going on here within the next 90 days.

Thanks for coming by and be on the look out for more work.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello Everyone,

I know that I promised some updates on art. Here you go. Wait! Before we do that why don't we talk about the post I did a couple days ago on Facebook. I said that I will be working for Marvel. Well, I am going to be doing sketch cards for their new upcoming sets called Marvel Beginnings and Avengers the Movie. I was very happy when I was approached with this opportunity. I am still waiting on the actual cards to come in but my excitement is still very high.

OK on to the art.

This one is called aura boost. Simple idea. There is a little guy at the bottom and he his able to project his aura up into the sky. I am looking forward to finishing this one, it should look pretty cool once colored. 

This on is the unholy song. This one is going to look really different once it is done. I have a great idea for the finish, but I don't really want to tell you about it, because that would ruin all the anticipation for this card.

This is the wind spike. I had a lot of problems with this one. The pose that I originally had just wasn't working. I was trying to erase a hole into the image. My wife told me about myself and then I decided to start over and this is what came from that. A lot of this image is relying on color. So, come back and keep an eye out for that.

The mystery box. Don't know what to say about this one besides that it is a mystery and it is a box.

This one is called rewind. I have to tell you that it is really hard, or at least it was for me, to draw the idea of rewind. I started with the two triangles that you find on dvd players and well that just look boring. So I came up this. The idea that this grown man got reduced to a child and the only way we see the grown man in in the kids shadow.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello Everyone,

My once a week updates have once again fell off. This time at least I have a good reason for it. I have been working on a project with Elvin Herenadez. We have been working with Toys R Us on their new toy line. It is called True Heroes: L.A.S.E.R.  Here is a link to what we have already done.

So I have been very busy working on that. I have now got ahead of the deadline so that I can do some other things on the side. Last week I was able to do some Dark Legacy work. I will be posting that with my next blog post.

For some reason my images have been linking to the thumbnail. So I am going to try and fix that for the next round of image updates. So I am sorry about that. Even though that was going on I got a really good critique from an old friend. It was good to hear a real critique for once. There were good things and bad things, but in the end I felt as though I was able to grow a bit in my work. Speaking of growing. One of the pieces that i am going to put up later was critiqued by my wife. She made some very strong comments which at first didn't sit with me very well, and I am sure that she could see it on my face, but once I was able to understand what she meant by what she said I realized she was right. I was doing something with my figure work that I wasn't even aware of. So I have to thank her for that.

I am glad to know that I have a person in my life that is able to give me the hard facts about my work and when I get huffy and puffy, she doesn't just walk away and say whatever. She is awesome.

I guess that is enough talk. I just wanted to give you an update.
See you soon

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am going to have to do an image update after this week. I have been pretty busy. There is a project that I am working on that is going to be release the first section of it in two days. I can't tell you what I am doing yet until it is published. So stay tuned for that.

Next I got an offer to do some sketch cards for one of the major companies but I don't think I can say much yet since I don't have any of the cards or signed the contract yet. That is going to happen today. I need to call them about a few things and ask some questions, but that is also happening at the moment. As soon as I can put up some of the images that are going to be created for that I will.

On top of that I am still working on Dark Legacy. Man I tell you what I am very busy. You know what they say when it rains it pours, but in this instance it is a very good thing and I thank God for the many blessings that he has given me.

Thank you all who are supporting me in my journey to becoming more of a name in the professional world of comics. Thank you all, it means a lot to me.

Well I have to get to work. So I better get to it. Come back at the end of the week and I will have stuff for you to look at. Thanks again

Monday, September 12, 2011

Better let than never

Hello Everyone,
I have been super busy as of late. I have just on a super tight deadline that kept me from updating my blog on a weekly basis. But, I finished it. As soon as the company posts the work, which should be around the end of the month I will post what I did. Before it got to crazy I inked some of the previous drawings that I did for Dark Legacy. I hope to continue showing the pencil version but time was a bit limited these last couple of days so I had to rely on the art I had from before.

Here is what I have thus far. I hope you like it.

This card is known as the casting box. This is a card that holds five casting points. The Casting Box will be a very useful card to all players.

This card is something that I brought in from a different project. It wasn't used so I might as well use it now. This is known as Hammer Fist, because of obvious reasons. This is an enhancement that will make the Hero stronger.
 This is the Health Regulator. This is one of the many cards where I only drew on half of the card and put in together in Photoshop. Due to time crunch I need to continue to work smarter and harder that is why I only drew half.

With some much Tech in the game it would be foolish of my not to have an EMP so that is why I drew this. This is really going to rely on color. Some really bright blues will make this image pop. Stay tuned for the final image.

Metal Colossus!. What can I say I wanted to draw a really big tin can. I think it came out ok. I am starting to realize that I am still trying to master the hatch mark drawing and well I know that I am not the best at it, but I do like how it looks in David Finch's work. Now I know I am no Finch, but I have picked up somethings from talking to him. I know that I am going to make a mix of his style and my style. It is starting to come together. I hope you will like it when I am ready to show you.

This is the casting vault. Everyone is going to want to have a couple of these. This allows you to hold twenty casting points. You can do a lot with twenty casting points.

This one is for my good friend Cisco Martinez. We were talking about this object for a very long time. It is know as the D.I.P. watch. Let me tell you that this is one heck of a card. Just wait until the card it done. You are going to want to have this card in your deck. Trust me.

The Keeper of Souls came about because there were too many soul reapers and soul harvesters in the game, and I still had this card that needed a name. So Keeper of Souls was created.

Extra Play is one of those cards that you don't want to see in your opponent's deck. This card could just change the whole outcome of the game. This card allows you to play two d20 for a couple of turns. Full details when the card is finished.

This is another card that I only drew half of it, but that half was fun to draw. I don't know if I would like to have to continuously have to draw this on someone's arm but at least for this single illustration I didn't mind. This card isn't as crazy at the brother to this card that is at the end of this blog post.

Simple but cool. I was happy to draw this one. It is known as Psychic Motivator. I really didn't know how to draw this card, so I thought I would put a like essence of a creature in the rock that would talk to you.

Got to draw another giant robot. Nothing but fun with this one.


Thermal Vision was one of the easier cards that I got to draw. This was a card that allowed me to stay on schedule. I should do more cards like this. Dark Legacy would be done by now if they were all this simple. Maybe not as cool, but at least it would be done.


This is the Hand of Power. This is an example of what the half drawing would look like. I know a couple of my studio mates who get upset when I don't draw the whole thing but I need to get it done, and I know that Photoshop will do a better job at getting the exact copy of one side better than I could ever dream of doing, so I am going to let the compute do all that work.

Well I am now all caught up. Hope you liked the images and come back and see what other cards are going to be created for the upcoming Dark Legacy card game. 
Thanks again for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

These are links to what Kaiser Studio Production has put together for a proposal of a Saturday morning cartoon.

Check it out

Week three

Hello Everyone.

We are now in week two and I realized that I am just horrible with posting everyday so I am just going to post once a week with all the drawings that I need to post. This will make life a lot easier on me. I am sorry if you really wanted to come to my blog every day and see what I was doing. It is going to be a once a week deal. Without further a due here are the drawings that you came to look at.

This one is role switch. I like the idea behind this card. It will be awesome once it is done. I think this is one I will have to show you once it is done.

This one is Relic Buster. This is a very important card in the came. I do believe that everyone is going to want to have at least one of these in their deck when they are playing.

Meteor shower. This one is going to rely a lot on color. Stay tuned for that.

Earth spikes was really fun to draw. I wouldn't like to get impaled with this magic spell.

This is the antidote card. This is going to be another one of those cards that everyone is going to have in the deck. Any card that can get rid of poison is going to be an important card.


Lastly I wanted to share a finished card with you. This is called power glove. I think that every now and again I will share a finished card. Just so that you know I am actually finishing them up.

Thanks for looking. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these cards.
See you next time.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

On to the new daily challenge

Hello and welcome to the new daily challenge. As promised here are the images that I said that I would be uploading

Here is the first one. I always knew that my Dad was out doing special stuff with the army, but then I saw him in a episode of G.I. Joe and I just knew that it was him. It looked just like him. So much so that I even went out and bought the toy so that he had to explain himself. But, alas he just laughed at me and said that it wasn't him. Even though it might be true that it isn't him I had to draw Sgt Stalker

Here is number two. Since I was corrected on who the best ninja actually is and the attention that this character that I created was getting I thought I should go ahead and do up a sketch card for him too. Here is Shadow Snake. This card already sold at the Chicago Comic Con. I guess I really do need to do more drawings of this character.

Now we move on to the the new daily challenge and start showing off some Dark Legacy cards that I have penciled. Some of these might come off a boring but you will just have to trust me and believe that I will make it look really cool by the time it is finished. So, let's get started

I am currently working on all the magic cards for the first set. The first card that I would like to show you is Blizzard.

I know I know it doesn't exactly look like much but I have a good idea of what it is going to look like once it is done and I needed the background to be more minimal for it to work. This is one of those ones where you are just going to have to trust me.

Next is Fire Storm. I had a lot of fun drawing this one. I was making a lot of swooshing and explosion sounds in the airport when I was drawing it. People thought I was crazy but hey what do I care I am an artist and I am aloud to make noises when I draw.

Earthquake is next. All I did for this one was look at a couple of earthquake pictures and put them together. Nothing like taking three or four disaster pictures and putting them together to make one really awesome destruction picture.

The next one I did was Laser Eyes. I didn't really know where to go with t
his one. I was think about Cyclops from X-men and how he would
shoot his eye beams, but I thought that would be too obvious. I was then told that I need to draw more women so this is what came out of that conversation.

Lava Gusher was fairly easy I had reference and I drew it. I like the way it looks and I am eager to color this one so that it can be finished. I think this might be one of the better looking ones once it is done.

Lastly is going to be Tornado.

I like this one because once I started showing this image around the studio, my studio mates were telling me that the planet that Dark Legacy takes place in is going to be a very dangerous one. Not only is the Kaiser destroying everything but there are all these natural disasters that are so strong that people have to worry about. I laughed and said that you have to be pretty tough to survive on the planet Titan.

I hope that you enjoyed the images that I posted to catch us up to where I am supposed to be in my daily challenge. Thanks for looking. See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Daily Challenge

Hello Everyone.

If you have been following me for the last two weeks you know that I should have put up seven new sketch cards for last week. I am sorry that I didn't. I realized that I have a problem with trying to sabotage my own project schedule. It became really clear to me on day seven when I still didn't do any work for Dark Legacy, which is the project that I am supposed to be working on. It was at that point that i knew that I had done it again. Luckily for me it was only seven days.

My wife who knows that I do this from time to time didn't yell at me about not finishing my projects but she let me figure it out for myself, which was bitter sweet, but I thank her for that. After I came the the realization of the mistake that I made there was this distant voice that came from the living room, that said, "I told you not to do that and here you are doing it again".
I knew that I had do make a change.

I like the idea of being responsible for a drawing a day so I am going to continue with that idea, just that you are going to see a lot of pencil work for Dark Legacy cards. So that might be a bit boring or not what you want to see but this is how I can do what my buddies are doing and still keep my deadline for Dark Legacy. So, I have the work for last week for you. Yes I know I should have posted this earlier but... I didn't, sorry. My next post will have the two sketch cards that I did for last week and the six drawings that I owe everyone from last week and today. I hope that you will still want to look at what I produce on a daily basis.

Thanks for taking an interest in my work and I hope that you like the beginning stages of the Dark Legacy cards.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lastly here is Dice.

Day 7.

The first week of the challenge is over and the triptych is finished. I think that it came out pretty good, but I will let you be the judge of that.

To end my triptych of not the greatest ninja ever, I ended with Dice. He is the companion of Slice. that's right Slice and Dice. Hey you know what they were cool when I was a kid. Any way. I had to look him up as well. It had been a while since I saw his costume. But, once I saw it, it all came back to me. So tell me what you think.

2.5 x. 3.5 color sketch card
$15 shipping is included within the US

I have to admit that I liked working on all three of these cards and I think that they came out well together. I hope that you liked looking at all three of these sketch cards by themselves as much as you will like looking at them together. So, I won't keep you waiting any longer.

Slice, Night Creeper and Dice
Three 2.5x3.5 color sketch cards
$45 shipping is included within the US and International

Thanks for stopping by and looking and the final piece. Please tell me what you think and keep coming back, because there is going to be more G.I. Joe goodness for the rest of the month

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Night Creeper

Day 6

here is a night creeper. I never really could get behind these guys. There were always a lot of them and they always seemed to be getting their butts kicked. So that is why I thought they should be part of the not the great ninja ever triptych. I actually had to look this one up. I didn't really know what they looked liked. The triptych is coming along. Make sure to stop by tomorrow to see all of them together.

Night Creeper
Color 2.5 x 3.5 sketch card
$15 shipping is included within the US

Friday, August 5, 2011

More Ninjas

Here we are at day five, and well I just had to draw another ninja. I know that I posted before about the best ninja ever. Then I was told about a different ninja who would rival the best ninja ever for his title. Well let me tell you something this guy isn't it.

3.5 x 2.5 sketch card
$15 shipping is included within the US

Slice was never one of my favorite ninja's. I really thought that it was kind of stupid to have a fencing mask on as a ninja but he what do I know. Since I did slice you know that dice has to come as well. So I figured that I could do a triptych with ninjas that just weren't really that awesome, but should get some love in my G.I. Joe sketch card month. Be sure to find out what the triptych will look like once it is all done.

Thank for stopping by

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Best Ninja Ever

As I am moving along with this sketch card challenge, I asked my self, why haven't you drawn Storm Shadow yet? I really didn't have an answer, so I drew Storm Shadow. He is my favorite Ninja. I only wish they would write him as if he was more of a threat. He always seems to be bested by Snake Eyes. It never seems to go the other way. Snake Eyes is the good guy therefore he has to win all the time. I probably shouldn't get on this rant again so I will leave you with

Storm Shadow Sketch Card by
Bryan "Kaiser" Tillman
$15 shipping is included

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3

I am moving right along with this challenge. I am actually pretty happy with myself at the moment. Normally at this time in a challenge that I give myself I stop, because I think I can use my time in other places. For some reason, at least at this point I still feel pretty good about do the challenge. Maybe it is because I am doing G.I. Joe or know that I am going to be able to do some really cool sketch cards from 80's cartoons and pop culture. Whatever it is I am glad that have it for this challenge.

So, I was going to do Storm Shadow but something made me do the Baroness first. I didn't draw the typical Baroness. I have her more in relaxed outfit, but I think that you still know that it is her.

Let me know what you think.Thanks for stopping by

day 2

Here we are at day two and I get to post what I wanted to post on day one. I guess that will teach me to leave my artwork at work instead of bringing it home with me. Live and learn. Here is Snake Eyes for your viewing pleasure


I forgot to mention that all sketch cards are for sell. They are $15 each. Shipping is included in the United States. International shipping at $2.

Let me know what you think and thanks for joining me on this adventure.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The 365 sketch card challenge

Hello Everyone.

Today marks the first day of the 365 day sketch card challenge. I am going to be doing one sketch card a day from now until the end of July 2012. For those of you who don't know I am doing this challenge because a couple of my friends are doing similar things. Robert Atkins is doing a sketch a day and Ty Romsa is going to be doing a fully detailed painting once a month.

With them doing great stuff I wanted to join the party, so I decided to do sketch cards because neither of my friends was doing that. That way we are all doing something different. With that I needed to have a theme for what I was doing for the next 365 days and well what can I say based on Rob's suggestion I am going with all things 80's. It wasn't a hard choice to make once he said that. For the first month I am going to be doing G.I. Joe.

I have to say that I am off to a bad start. I was going to start and end with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, it is a personal thing, but I left the sketch card that I was working on at work. When I got home and noticed that I didn't have the Snake Eyes that I wanted to finish with me I had to create something else and so at 10:30pm I started working on Cobra Commander.

I am off to a rocky start but tune in tomorrow to see the next sketch card in the G.I. Joe month.
Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

San Diego Comic Con

Only 15 more days and i am not ready. Life has gotten away with most of my time and i loved every minute of it.

Now with crunch time in front of me i will have to hit the grindstone hard. Wish me luck.

See you at SDCC.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog posting

I know, I said I wouldn't let up on posting and yet here we are again. Sorry. But, I have realized on thing. I need to post different things at different places. I was posting the same stuff everywhere on the web. Deviantart, my website, scoundrel art, etc. So I am think about what I can do that will keep people interested in my blog. We will just have to see.

On other news, due to financial problems I am pushing the release of Dark Legacy to GenCon 2012. I hope to do more promotion since I have more time. Also I should be able to get it done early and not kill myself trying to finish it.

I have to give props to Lance of 4cornerdesigns at He made that fantastic shadow box for me. Check out his skills.

Let see is there anything else. Yes, there is. I have a book coming out on July 15th. Go check it out. It's a really cool book.

I guess that is enough for now.
Hope to see you soon.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


We are getting close to the end of the month and now that Gigacon is over my submitted my character design book, I am refocusing all my attention to Dark Legacy. I inked four cards on Friday. Which is really good for me. I hate inking. Oh well. Things are moving forward and it looks like I am going to be very busy.

I've added a couple of extra conventions to my list this year. I hope that by doing this I will have a better turn out at GenCon with the release of Dark Legacy. The first extra one is going to be Wizard Worlds Miami Comic Con. So if you are in the area, you should come by and say hi.

I did some sketch cards over the weekend that will have to tie you over until I can get more Dark Legacy teasers up. So enjoy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yet another post in January

See I told you that I was going to be posting more. I was able to finish two sketch cards today so I thougth you might want to see them

Hope from Dark Legacy

Goblin Queen
You also need to know about he contest that is being held for Dark Legacy at
If you win you can get a card that you created in the first set of Dark Legacy. Go check out the site under the contest section for details.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 and Dark Legacy

Hello everyone,

It is 2011 and I wish you all a happy new year. I hope that all of you are doing well and will continue to do so for the rest of the year. As for more I am going to be finishing up Dark Legacy, the table top RPG card game I have been working on.

So, what does that mean for this blog. Well I plan on updating it a lot more. I know I know I've said that before but I am going to do everything in my power to make that happen. Since i am not releasing an images until the production is finished I am going to give you teasers to hopefully make you curious about Dark Legacy.

I will be posting other random drawings but I will mostly be posting about he production of Dark Legacy and the art that goes with that.

So here are teasers of the three cards that I finished yesterday.

There is also going to be a lot more activity on the Dark Legacy Forum

Thanks for stopping. See ya next time