Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 4

Hello Everyone.

I am very late with posting this blog post. I know. Work and freelance have kept me from being able to think straight. Not to mention my computer died two days ago which really makes think a bit more tricky. It is a good thing that I have a couple of computers in the house, otherwise I wouldn't be able to finish out my challenge and well I just can't have that.

Well enough with what happened to me and on with the cards. I got seven for last week. Probably only going to be able to get seven this week, but then I will be done with my Marvel Sketchcard deadline and then I can give some more attention to the cards that I have to finish.

This is another cybernetic enhancement. I do believe that that is the last weapon enhancement I have. (Cybernetic at least) This is another card that will allow you to have stronger attack points even though you don't have a weapon card in play. Nothing to thought provoking here. Just a guy with a giant blade on his forearm. 

This is the Health Regulator. When I was creating this device I was thinking of very old scuba gear that we had to wear in order to be under water. It covers the mouth and nose as well as puts charging cells over your chest so that you heart and lungs get a boost. This card gives you a extra life point every turn.

The Iron Golem. I really like the way this one turned out. It gives me the feel of an old golem that has been handed down through the generations. It have been through many battles and has defended the honor of the family that owned it. I would have to say that this golem is held together solely by the magic that allows it to move. 

This is the Metal Colossus. Just another really big robot that is in the Tech faction. This robot towers over the forest of Suelie. It is the tallest of all the forests on Titan. There is no way you don't see this robot coming.

Nemril's Spell Book. this is a very powerful card. This card allows you to play any card of any faction as long as you have the correct skill level in at least one of the factions. This is the book that I talked about in the last post. It is the spell book of the most powerful sorcerer in Titan.

This is the Tech Warrior. He is known for his bravery and even with the loss of his arm he is a force to be reckoned with. His armor is remanence of a time where the world was more unified and factions would cross pollinate. It was a better time back then. The Tech Warrior hopes that one day the world of Titan can go back to that time.

This is my spiked gun. I had the idea for this gun when I was in college. It didn't look as good but the idea was there. If you run out of bullets you should still be able to do some damage with it. Not much but still some.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 3

I know, I know you were expecting to get this post yesterday. Well I went to the movies instead. I needed a bit of R&R. But, I wanted to go ahead and post the cards that I did last week. I was able to get eight of them done. I should have got more done but I wasn't feeling up to too much at the end of the week. Hopefully this week will be different, even though I have to finish a whole lot of Marvel Beginnings sketch cards. There is never a dull moment in my artistic life.

On to the cards

This one is called the Crescent Blade. It is a decorative blade that most officers of the Holy Order would have. I would have to say that it is more for show, but is still very deadly in the right hands. I have to say that I really do enjoy making up new weapons and armor and stuff like that. The mix of trying to make it both functional and awesome looking is always a challenge. I like this one though.

This is my crossbow. It is an energy crossbow. So there are no strings to recoil. I took the idea from the old 80s cartoon Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. The leader had an energy bow and well I thought it would be cool to have that in a cross bow. So the bow and the propulsion for the arrows would all be powered by the energy canister in the back of the crossbow.

This card is know as Extra Play. I like this card because it gives the caster the ability to roll two d20 for the next couple of turns. It could really change the outcome of the entire match. I have created a lot of these kind of cards. Dark Legacy is all about strategy. You have to try and anticipate what your opponent is going to do so that you can counter and then attack with something powerful of your own. This card could  make that happen.

This is a flare. This card is a low level fire spell. It only does one or two damage. It has a low casting cost as well as a low skill level. This is a good card to have in  your deck when you are just starting out.

Nemril's Opticals. This is the legendary sorcerer Nemril. He is the most feared and respected sorcerer on Titan. It is believe that he is of 2000 years old and that he knows all. His spell book is one of the most sought after objects in existance. This card is about his opticals that allow the player to look at the next five cards from your deck and put into your hand. Choose five cards to keep and put the rest into the Bone Yard.

This is one of my favorite cards. This is the Puppet Master. He has the ability to activate or deactivate any card, which can come into handy for any player. The ability to either stop a creature from attacking or blocking or even the ability to turn off an enhancement or ability makes for a very powerful card.

This is the first card that I did with Elvin Hernandez. He is a fantastic artist and he had allowed me to use some of the drawing that he did for Dark Legacy. So he does the drawings and then I do the colors. I am very happy with the way this came out. I was worried at first because I don't always trust myself to have the image look right when I am working over someone else's work. I just don't want to screw that up. But, as I mentioned I am very happy with the way this turned out. Hope you like it.

The last one here is the War Hammer. It as a weapon that was designed for pure destruction. A one handed weapon that could both shatter and then puncture as well. This weapon is great to have in battle and would be a great addition to anyone arsenal.

There you have it eight cards for this week. I am going to try for ten again this week. Wish me luck I am going to need it. Thanks for stopping by and viewing my work.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week two of the challenge

Hello Everyone,

This marks the end of week two of this challenge. So 14 of the 90 days are over. I have to say that this week was a bit more challenging than the first. I don't know what it was. Maybe it is the pain in my foot or the fact that the weather has been very nice in the last couple of days. I have no idea what it is but for some reason this week was very hard to get some work done.

With that said I was able to make the minimum of 7 cards. Not as impressive as the 10 I did last week, but non the less I was able to make the mark. I guess I am just going to have to be happy with that. I still have a long way to go but I do believe that I am going to be able to kick it into high gear and really crank out some of these cards. The coming weeks should be very interesting for me to say the least.

Well I think that is enough blabber. On to the cards.

This is my version of a Battle Ax. I really like the was this came out. There is something about the curve of the handle that makes me really like it. There isn't really much that makes this interesting is just has a nice appeal to me.

The Casting Box allows a player to store up to five casting points. It is a very useful card and it will be available to everyone because it is one of the common cards. I think that it is a pretty simple box design that is repeated and this is what makes it cool. Something that would look very simple has the ability to hold so much power.

This card is the Casting Vault. This is a rare card and has the ability to hold 20 casting points. In a game where the player is bound by a d20, having and extra 20 casting points won't hurt anyone. I created this card with the thought in mind that the vault might just be a living creature and that is why is it is rare cards. In the planet of Titan there are only so many of these creatures running around and to be able to find one let alone tame one is close to impossible.

Cyber hammer is an enhancement to the Hero. This card would allow you to deal greater amounts of damage even if you did't have a weapon on hand. Nothing like a little cybernetic modification to make you a better fighter.

This is Cyber Knuckles. It does the same thing as the Cyber Hammer, but it is a bit weaker. It is also more common, so it would be easier to obtain. I like this one because I made it to look like a futuristic knight. Or at least that is what I thought it looked like. I guess I should show this to my son, he loves knights.  He could be the deciding factor on weather or not it looks like a futuristic knight.

This is my version of an EMP. I know that his is not what most people think of when they think of an EMP, but as I mentioned this is my version. This is a global enhancement card. It gives all tech creatures a -1/-1. It could be very useful if fighting an all tech deck. Just something to keep in mind.

Ah the Reaper. I really like this gun. I would really like to see this as an actually toy or something like that. This gun would be know as an unloader. It has a longer clip so that it could unload a crap ton of bullets in a matter of seconds. If memory serves me right this card has the most bullet tokens out of all the guns. It is pretty fun weapon to have.

Well that is all from me. Thanks for coming and looking at what  I was able to get done this week. Like I mentioned earlier, I hope to have more cards too look at next week. I don't really like only being able to do the bare minimum. So onward to working faster so that I can get more cards done.

If you have any thoughts or comments please don't hesitate to drop me an email or add a comment on the blog. I really do want to know what you think.

Thanks again

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 7 of the 90 day challenge.

The day has come to post. Do you think that I made it? Yea, I wasn't so sure I was going to be able to make it either. As always a lot of things happened that tried to get me to fail right out of the gate. As soon as I posted about doing this 90 day challenge I got an email for Toys R Us asking me to do work. Of course I said yes, which meant that I really had to work my time management skills.

There is also some other work that I am doing for a couple of other companies. As soon as I can, I will show everyone what I have been working on for those other companies.

I did make it, just in case you were still wondering if I did.. I even did better than I thought I would. I was able to finish 10 cards in seven days. I might have been able to finish a couple more but there were things that were a bit more important to me than staying up all night to pump out more cards. Now next week might be a different story but I just don't know.

I think that is enough babble on to the cards.

This was the first card that I did in the week. I wanted to start off with something a bit easier. This one is called Bionic Legs. Nothing too advanced in concept just a pair of bionic legs. Once this card is activated the Hero is able to hit creatures with flying.

This is one of my favorite weapons is Dark Legacy thus far. This is the Boomerang Blade. This is the weapon that Oz uses. This is a pretty big weapon. It is a tree cutter if used right. The idea behind this weapon is that it uses magic to insure that it comes back in such a way that is won't cut you in half. The orange magic coming out of the handle is what make the weapon come back. It is like a very powerful magnet. Hey, I thought it was a cool idea.

This is the Enhanced Solider. I didn't want to over do it with the enhancements. This card isn't that strong so I wanted him to look more human than robot. I think that the character says fighter and still has a bit of an advantage over the people who are not enhanced.

This is the Necklace of Knowledge. This card allows you to look at the next card in your deck. Nothing to fancy but it could prove very helpful in a strategic move to end the game

This is the Psychic Motivator. To tell you the truth when I was creating this image I was thinking that there was a creature within the rock and that is its eye in the middle. So, the creature within the rock was able to talk to you telepathically and make you do things that will benefit the creature. Once again I thought it was a cool idea.

This is Ratakarna's puzzle. This one took longer than it should have. I was making it so that all the pieces can actually go together. So if someone was to really make this puzzle it would actually go together. I have to say that I don't know if it was worth all the time that I put into the thought process, but none the less I like how this one came out. And, knowing that it would actually fit together is just something cool that I get to say to people now.

This is Rock Form. Nothing to daring here. Just thought I should make the rock warmer instead of the normal cool blue rock that I have done in the past. I used some complementary colors to make it work better. I do like how the green pushes the creature forwards.

This weapon is called the Spider X-25. It has been a weapon that has been in my head for some time. I have to say that this version makes a lot more sense than any of the others that I drew out. The first designs were all about making a rifle that could split into two different guns. That's right I said split. What can I say I was young and thought that it would be awesome if that could work. Alas now that I am older I just don't see how that would work. So I made my version of an assault riffle with a M203 attachment.

Thermal Vision should have been easy, but after looking at a lot of pictures I just didn't think that I had it right. I actually had to use some of the filters that Photoshop has in order to get the effect that I wanted. I am not a big user of the filters, but in this case it just worked.

This is my Vampire card. This card started out as something completely different. Then I realized that I had already made that card so I did some tweaks, toned down the skin color added some fangs, that you might not even be able to see but they are there, and just tried be make it a bit creepy. I like this card, especially after it was supposed to be something completely different.

There you have it, my 10 cards for the week. I am very happy with my progress on the challenge. I hope that I will be able to keep it up. Thank you for looking and don't forget to come back next week and see what I was able to finish in the next seven days.