Monday, April 30, 2012

Week nine.

Hello Everyone.

We are now on week nine of this 90 challenge. I can't believe that it has already been 59 days and that I am going into the last 31 days of this challenge. It has been a really hard challenge for me and I have realized what I can and can't do. I am going to try and push myself a bit harder within the next 31 days to see just how much I can get done.

This week was a bit more fun than the last week. i have to say. I got to work on some cards that I wanted to get do but was too busy to put the time into. I would have had one more card to show you but my Norton Antivirus corrupted one of the cards that I was working on. Apparently that is common knowledge that Norton doesn't like Photoshop. Wish I new that. I never really had any problems with it until my computer died and then well I guess it didn't have any of the updates to avoid that problem so when the free subscription ran out Norton decided to corrupt my image.

It was sad and I was a bit upset about it, but I can't cried over corrupted files. I am just going to have to move on. So talking about moving on let's get to the cards for this week shall we.

This card is called Breeze Knight. I have to say that working on Elvin Hernandez' cards always proves to be a challenge. He puts so much detail into his work that I don't really want to screw that up; I am always afraid that I am going to make it look worse than when he gave it to me. I like the way the card came out.

I tried to knock out the lines and make is as though this character is actually wind, but it didn't seem to work out in my favor so I did this instead. 

This card is Dark Rose. He is one of the most relentless warriors in the Kaiser's army. This card gets stronger every time a creature that fights him goes into the Boneyard. I like this character because is seems as though he is really calm and collected but in actuality he is ruled by his emotions.

This is a relic known as the Hand of Faith. This card boosts the Hero's attack points while if combined with the Hand of Power converts all the damage that was done to by the Hero to life points for the Hero.

 I think that this is going to be one of my favorite cards to play. Any time I can do damage to an opponent and then get life points for it is a win in my book.

This card is known as the Pit Fighter. Nothing more that a scrapper who fights for a living. There are many of these type of fighters on the planet of Titan. The only thing they know is how to fight and fight to survive. If you were ever to come across one of these Pit Fighters you better hope that t hey are having a good day, because if they are not you will fight until one of you is no longer breathing.

This is the last of the casting point containers. This is one of the common ones. This is known as the Music Box. This box allows you to store two casting points. I know that it isn't much but it has a low casting and skill level, so even as a new player you would be able to get this card out and store some casting points for later.

This is the Shadow Demon. This is the debut of Richard Swan. He was a student of mine at the Art Institute of Washington. Before he left you drew this picture for me to be included in the game. I went ahead and colored it up and now it is ready to go. I didn't want to over do it with the glowing so I kept it to only his eyes. I thing the subdued colors that are within this piece is helping the fact that he is a bad guy and well you better watch out.

This is an enhancement card. It is known as Sonic Scream. This card allows you to add attack power to your attack every time you attack. I liked the glowing out of the mouth and eyes. The card really looks powerful. That always makes me happy.

These are Vulcan's Gauntlets. At this moment I have absolutely no idea what they do. I know that i had to do them and I know that I have what they are supposed to do in my list of descriptions for each card. Sorry if you really wanted to know what this card did. You will just have to get the card and find out what it does then. Sorry.

There you have it. 8 cards instead of seven. I am trying to get those numbers up every week. Hope you liked this weeks updates. If you did please let me know and if you have any comments don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week Eight. Another post on Wednesday

Hello everyone.

I know that I said I was going to try and break the trend slash rut the I am in, but it seems like posting on Wednesday has become the new thing for me. I still would like to get back on track with posting on Sunday, so I guess I am just going to have to try a bit harder to make sure that I get the update done on Sunday evening.

With that said here are the seven cards for last week. I have to admit that this week was a bit easy for me because... well you will see. Check out the cards below.

These are my tri-worms. I realized that after looking at my list of cards that I still need to finish that I had a lot of creatures that could be found on our Earth and I didn't exactly know why I was doing that, so I decided to change that. I started making creatures that would be specific to the world of Titan. This is one of them. These little creeps would be our equivalent of maggots.

This is the Earth Eye. It allows the wearer to decrease the casting cost of Earth cards by one. As  you will soon see the next three cards are pretty much the same card except the change of  faction symbol in the eye. See why this week was a bit on the easy/lazy side.

This is the Darkness Eye. It does the same thing as the Earth Eye just for Darkness cards.

This is the Holy Order Eye. It does the same thing as the Darkness Eye just for Holy Order cards.

This is the Wind Eye. It does the same thing as the Holy Order Eye just for Wind cards.

In the beginning of Dark Legacy this was going to be what Hope looked like. Then as the story progressed I made her into more of a cleric instead of a kick butt tech fighter. Since I had this drawing I figured that I could use it as a card. This is going to be one of the tech fighters. She would be a mid level card. No real power just a good casting cost of moderate AP/DP

This is the final weapon that I need to do for Dark Legacy: The Rising. So that section is now done. I am happy about that. You will start hearing that a lot, sections being done that is. This is the Flamethrower card. It is pretty powerful card in that is can hit flying and it doesn't have a bullet limit like other guns.

That was last week. I can say that this week is actually working out pretty good. I have a couple of cards that prove that I am not lazy. I do do some work. I have to say that having to draw, ink and then color the cards has proven to be a bit harder than I had anticipated in the beginning, but I still have about 35 days left to finish up all the cards and then get it out the printer. Here's to working let to get you project out the the masses.

Thanks for coming by and I will see you this Sunday for the next update.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

week seven

Hello Everyone

I know what you are thinking. "Why doesn't he just tell people he will update on Wednesday"? I know it seems like that is the trend that I am currently working with. This week it wasn't intentional. I was away at C2E2 and didn't come back home until Monday. On Tuesday I was with the family the whole day and today well I was at work, so this is the first time that I really had time to actually post anything. I am hoping that this week's post will be on Sunday. I want to break this trend. I don't like it.

Now that that is out of the way let's move on shall we? I have to say that it has been pretty tough trying to get cards done at the moment. There has been a lot on my plate and well now it seems as though I have eaten everything on it so I should be good for a bit. Which is great, because it gives me time to make sure that I get some work on Dark Legacy done.

Here are the cards.

This is my hammer. Noting to fancy but as I am sure most of you know. Especially those who have been following this blog for the past couple of weeks, more than likely something is going to be glowing. Magic is everywhere in the realm of Dark Legacy.

This is my long sword. It is so big that you can't even contain it on the page. I am sure that I could have but it just seemed to work better actually going off of the page. I also like the purple glow. It just makes it that much more powerful to me. Must be the magic.

Meteor Shower. What can I say they look like balls of light falling from the sky. So, that is what you get. It seems to be working, so unless I hear otherwise I am going to leave it the way it is.

I have to say that I like working on all the things that tie back to ninjas. No matter how small of a weapon or detail I find myself more interested in the ninja stuff then the cards that I get to come up with myself. I guess that is because I really like ninjas. I don't know maybe not. Oh by the way these are ninja claws.

Ditto what I just said except that these are ninja stars also know as Suriken.

This is Ratakarna's scythe. I do really like how this one came out, but that is when I realized that I am going to be drawing this again and again and again. Maybe I shouldn't have put some many individual parts into this weapon. Nah. If I didn't it wouldn't have come out this way.

Last one for today is the Surge Shield. This is the shield that helps against Tech cards. I tried to make it look like energy would being pushed out from the center. I don't know if it is working that way but I do think it is still working. I think that the bright purple really draws you eye to it and the as you go from it you actually get to see that there is a type of shield there.

There you have it. Once again just managed to get seven done, but non the less still seven. Hope to see you on Sunday when I post for this week. Once again thank you for coming by my blog. Let me know if you have an comments or concerns about what is on this blog for the past couple of weeks. Thanks

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

week 6

Hello Everyone.

Man I have to say that for half of this challenge I haven't been able to update on time. It seems to be one of my biggest problems. I just don't get around to updating when I should. I can do the work but the whole updating thing always seems to escape me. I am going to have to take my wife up on helping me out with this kind of stuff.

Well once again only 7 cards. Like I mentioned before my computer died and well that has been making things hard for me. I was able to get my computer back this week so I have to say that it was a pretty fast turnaround from HP. They had to replace my motherboard. Hopefully that will allow me to be more productive again.

I finished my Marvel deadline which kept me up pretty late the night before it was due, but that is done now. So, I might just have a couple of extra minutes to put towards this challenge. So let's move on to some of the cards I got done this week.

This is one of Tyoshi's weapons. That's right a ninja with a gun. There isn't anything wrong with that and if you look at ninja history they had pistols too. So there. When I was creating this weapon I was just looking at adapting the idea of a bayonet, just more hand held. I like it.

This is the Darkness card. At first I was jut going to have a black rectangle for this card but then I was told that that would be cheating and I should do something a bit more interesting. So, I made a hole... with a lot of black.

This is the Filter. The machine that creates subordinate magic and is pretty much running the the planet of Titan. This is one of The Kaiser's inventions and one of the main reasons why he believes that he should be ruler of the world. That and family linage and well the fact that he is super bad guy. At least he is to those who oppose him.

Here is my version of a mace. Small and compact and yet so very deadly. This would be a light weapon as the head of the mace would just be pure metal. So it would really hurt to get hit in the head with one of these.

This is my mini rail gun. I was just trying to create something that had a nice look too it but still be a powerful looking weapon. It is very shinny. I don't know if that needs to change or not but for right now it is going to have to do.

This is a weapon for an NPC character in the game. He is known as Shadow. he is a ninja but not he way you would think. I am not going to tell you anything beyond that because I want you to follow the story. But, as for this weapon it splits in half to allow for double hand fighting.

This is the Vortex card. This card game me some problems because I din't know how to get the effect that I was looking for. So there were a lot of different installments of what this card looked like and I think that this one captures what I wanted it to be. It looks as though things are twirling and being sucked in.

There you go. Hope you like them.
Well let me know what your thoughts are.
See you next time

Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 5

Hello Everyone,

We are here at week five and let me tell you that this week was trying to destroy me. I had to finish up some pinewood derby cars for my kids. One won a craftsmanship award and the other won the best overall design of the derby. It made my kids really happy so it was well worth the time.

I also had to work on my Marvel sketch cards. Which I really hope that people like. I tried something different and as soon as I can show them I will.

Lastly I was doing a loot of tree cutting over the weekend. While working with a chainsaw is a lot of fun it is still a lot of work and man was I tired at the end of that.

I guess that is enough of why I didn't, once again, post on Sunday and give you what you are looking for. I stuck with doing weapons because the were going to be easy and well the week started off hard so I figured I was going to need to do something easy..

Also I have noticed the dates on some of the illustrations. I just want to clarify that the date on the image is when it was drawn not completed. I just don't change the dates on the illustrations.

This is Amphion's weapon of choice he has two of these. I think he looks pretty cool with these simple by very effective weapons.

This is a basic Bo Staff. Nothing to fancy just one of the weapons players can use early on.

This is Hope's Staff. Once again nothing fancy. Just a simple design for this weapon. If I am not mistaken this weapon gives you the ability to fly for a turn, but I have to be honest I don't remember.

This is my version of a Long Bow. I like the ides of still being able to defend yourself even if you are out of arrows.

This is my Pulse Cannon. Nothing like having a giant gun attached to your forearm that can bring down anything that is flying. I  would assume that any player that would be using this gun would have some type of cybernetic arm so that they could handle the recoil of the shot. But, that is just me.

This is know as Saikx Sword. Just know that this sword and the person who wields it plays a pretty big role later on in the story. So I am not going to tell you much about this.

This is just what I think a Spear should look like. I have always been a fan of being able to defend yourself with both ends of a weapon. This would also be a weapon that you could get early on in the game.

Once gain I was only able to get seven. I am hoping to be able to get more this week but I still need to finish my Marvel cards. I am hoping to have them all done by Wednesday. Wish me luck.

Thanks for checking it out and let me know what you think