Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week Eight. Another post on Wednesday

Hello everyone.

I know that I said I was going to try and break the trend slash rut the I am in, but it seems like posting on Wednesday has become the new thing for me. I still would like to get back on track with posting on Sunday, so I guess I am just going to have to try a bit harder to make sure that I get the update done on Sunday evening.

With that said here are the seven cards for last week. I have to admit that this week was a bit easy for me because... well you will see. Check out the cards below.

These are my tri-worms. I realized that after looking at my list of cards that I still need to finish that I had a lot of creatures that could be found on our Earth and I didn't exactly know why I was doing that, so I decided to change that. I started making creatures that would be specific to the world of Titan. This is one of them. These little creeps would be our equivalent of maggots.

This is the Earth Eye. It allows the wearer to decrease the casting cost of Earth cards by one. As  you will soon see the next three cards are pretty much the same card except the change of  faction symbol in the eye. See why this week was a bit on the easy/lazy side.

This is the Darkness Eye. It does the same thing as the Earth Eye just for Darkness cards.

This is the Holy Order Eye. It does the same thing as the Darkness Eye just for Holy Order cards.

This is the Wind Eye. It does the same thing as the Holy Order Eye just for Wind cards.

In the beginning of Dark Legacy this was going to be what Hope looked like. Then as the story progressed I made her into more of a cleric instead of a kick butt tech fighter. Since I had this drawing I figured that I could use it as a card. This is going to be one of the tech fighters. She would be a mid level card. No real power just a good casting cost of moderate AP/DP

This is the final weapon that I need to do for Dark Legacy: The Rising. So that section is now done. I am happy about that. You will start hearing that a lot, sections being done that is. This is the Flamethrower card. It is pretty powerful card in that is can hit flying and it doesn't have a bullet limit like other guns.

That was last week. I can say that this week is actually working out pretty good. I have a couple of cards that prove that I am not lazy. I do do some work. I have to say that having to draw, ink and then color the cards has proven to be a bit harder than I had anticipated in the beginning, but I still have about 35 days left to finish up all the cards and then get it out the printer. Here's to working let to get you project out the the masses.

Thanks for coming by and I will see you this Sunday for the next update.

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