Wednesday, April 18, 2012

week seven

Hello Everyone

I know what you are thinking. "Why doesn't he just tell people he will update on Wednesday"? I know it seems like that is the trend that I am currently working with. This week it wasn't intentional. I was away at C2E2 and didn't come back home until Monday. On Tuesday I was with the family the whole day and today well I was at work, so this is the first time that I really had time to actually post anything. I am hoping that this week's post will be on Sunday. I want to break this trend. I don't like it.

Now that that is out of the way let's move on shall we? I have to say that it has been pretty tough trying to get cards done at the moment. There has been a lot on my plate and well now it seems as though I have eaten everything on it so I should be good for a bit. Which is great, because it gives me time to make sure that I get some work on Dark Legacy done.

Here are the cards.

This is my hammer. Noting to fancy but as I am sure most of you know. Especially those who have been following this blog for the past couple of weeks, more than likely something is going to be glowing. Magic is everywhere in the realm of Dark Legacy.

This is my long sword. It is so big that you can't even contain it on the page. I am sure that I could have but it just seemed to work better actually going off of the page. I also like the purple glow. It just makes it that much more powerful to me. Must be the magic.

Meteor Shower. What can I say they look like balls of light falling from the sky. So, that is what you get. It seems to be working, so unless I hear otherwise I am going to leave it the way it is.

I have to say that I like working on all the things that tie back to ninjas. No matter how small of a weapon or detail I find myself more interested in the ninja stuff then the cards that I get to come up with myself. I guess that is because I really like ninjas. I don't know maybe not. Oh by the way these are ninja claws.

Ditto what I just said except that these are ninja stars also know as Suriken.

This is Ratakarna's scythe. I do really like how this one came out, but that is when I realized that I am going to be drawing this again and again and again. Maybe I shouldn't have put some many individual parts into this weapon. Nah. If I didn't it wouldn't have come out this way.

Last one for today is the Surge Shield. This is the shield that helps against Tech cards. I tried to make it look like energy would being pushed out from the center. I don't know if it is working that way but I do think it is still working. I think that the bright purple really draws you eye to it and the as you go from it you actually get to see that there is a type of shield there.

There you have it. Once again just managed to get seven done, but non the less still seven. Hope to see you on Sunday when I post for this week. Once again thank you for coming by my blog. Let me know if you have an comments or concerns about what is on this blog for the past couple of weeks. Thanks

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