Thursday, May 17, 2012

week 11

I really dropped the ball on posting this week. I am in such a mad rush to finish all the cards by the end of the month. I have 14 days left in this month to get everything done. So I am going to post one last post at the end of the month. I am going to surprise you with how much work I complete in the last two weeks. So I am sorry you will not get an update next week but the week after that you will have a lot of work to look at. I hope you can forgive me for that.

Here is the update for last week.

Now this is a drawing by Enrique Rivera. He did the card Pegasus Rider. Well I needed a card of just a Pegasus and with the time crunch I just edited out the rider flipped the picture and changed the color. So I know that I didn't draw this one but I did have to do some work to it so I am counting it.

This is Blizzard. I wanted you to think why is this person even out in that weather. I hope that that comes across. I think that I was able to give that feeling. I know that I wouldn't want to be out there in that snow so...

This is the Brute. This card was drawn by Elvin Hernandez and colored by me. This one has a lot of power in the drawing. I tried keeping the top of the card open because Elvin likes to put a lot of detail in his work and I firmly believe that the eye needs a place to rest in order to enjoy the image.

This is one of the Holy Order Members. There are many different cultures within the Holy Order faction. This is a fighter from the Eastern area. Modern and flashy but still in line with the beliefs of Hope and her Holy Order. This one was done in marker.

This is my power boost card. I couldn't really think of anything stronger than lifting a really really big rock.

Ah yes the Stechnoids. These are the mosquitoes of Titan. They are little only about an inch and a half big but they are very annoying and well they bit. Stechnoids never travel alone. If there is one there are 100.

This is a wolf. There has to be somethings that people can relate to. Then was they are hooked the story gets rid of everything that they can find on Earth.

There you go. There's the update. Hope you liked it.
Make sure to come back in two weeks to see the rest of the cards.

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