Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 12 and 13

Hello Everyone,

I know that I didn't do the last update that I said I would. I know that it has been a couple of weeks after the due date but I have been dealing with printers ever since the 90 day challenge was over. I thought I had everything taken care of but it seems that prices change A LOT since the initial quote.

I got hit with a price that was double. DOUBLE! So I was trying really hard to find another printer which wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. Although I was able to find a local print shop by accident and well everything is going to work out. I now have a local printer that prints in the USA and comes in at the cost that I was quoted from the first printer.

With that all said I should have all the cards printed and at my house by the end of the week. I would like to thank everyone who was following my progress with the 90 day challenge. I might just do another one.

Before we get to the final images I just wanted to say that in the last two weeks I really was in the zone. I was able to finish 27 cards. That's right 27 cards. I was able to learn a couple of things during those last two weeks. I realized that I didn't really need to draw all the cards full size. That help a hole lot. Well I just want to let you know that I was able to really kick but on the last stretch of the challenge.

This is the antidote card. It clears the Hero of all the poison counters.

This is one of my favorite cards. This was drawn by Elvin Hernandez. It is the Barbarian King. I think that this one really came out the way I envisioned it.

This is the counter spell card. It can be used by everyone one. It is a general card so it can be used by every player. This is a very useful card. So you, yes you, should have this in your deck.

This is the Darkness Knight. I couldn't call it the Dark Knight because well... I didn't want to get sued. This is another piece drawn by Elvin Hernandez. What can I say the guy is good.

This is the D.I.P. watch. This card allows you to start the game over. It is a really mean card but Francisco Martinez and I came up with this watch way before I even thought about making this into Dark Legacy. So Cisco I told you it would be in the game.

This card is know as Earth Spikes. Don't really know what else to tell you about that.

Fighting spirit. This card gives you creatures a bit of a boost. I didn't really know what to draw for this one but then one day it just came too me. I think he might have too many arrows in him.

This is the fire shield. Nothing too crazy. This is one of the first armors that you are allowed to have at the begining of the game.

Giant Bats is another card illustrated by Elvin Hernandez and colored by me

This is the Hand of Power. It is an enhancement card that gives you a bigger punch and well when you have the Hand of Faith you get to give yourself life points every time you do damage.

This one was a bit of a pain in the butt because there are a lot of little things that needed to be colored sepereatly but in the end I think it came out pretty good.

This is the heavy armor for Chaos. I have to say that the armors were the ones that gave me problems. I tried to give them each their own look and still make them a bit practical as well. I am looking foward to when I just get to make armors that don't make sense but look really cool.

This is the heave Tech armor.

This is the heavy Wind armor

The Helmet of knowledge. This card allows you to look at the next couple of cards and put them in a order that will benefit you in the future. It's just a helmet. I didn't go crazy with it.

This card is the Holy Warrior. I really like the way this one looks. He seems as though he is pure and on the good side, which he is, but then he is armed like someone that will fight to the death to defend those who need to be defended.

One thing that I like about this game is that the world is so large that you can be part of a faction and not look like the main person in the faction. That just allows for a lot of exploration. I love it.

This is the Keeper of Souls. This is one of the strongest creatures in the game. Well it has the potential to be the strongest in the game. It gets stronger everytime a creature lands in the Boneyard. In any Boneyard. So the more that get destroyed the stronger this guy gets.

You are going to want to get your hands on this card.

Laser eyes. It deals a couple of points of damage. I was going to go in a differnt way, with the person already shooting the laser beam but I thought that was going to be too much like Cyclops from the X-Men

This is the medium light Wind Armor.

This is the medium Chaos armor.

This is the medium Tech armor.

This is the medium Wind armor.

This is the Mystery box. This card allows you do take two of your cards and two of the opponents cards and shuffle them up and then your opponent gets to choose which two cards get to go into the Boneyard.

It is a gamble but in the end if might be to your benefit to use the card.

This card is called Role Switch. It is one of the 13 Uber rare cards in the game. This card was fun to do because it is very simple but I think still pretty effective.

The card allows you to switch everything with your opponent. You then have two turns to win otherwise you opponent wins.

This is a Tornado card. It destroys stuff. I was told that once this card was done that a studio mate of mine doesn't want to live on the planet of Titan because there are just too many things that could kill him. I laughed and said you just have to watch out for the giant Tornado and you should be fine.

Virus... It took forever to come up with this card. I just didn't know what to draw. How do you draw a virus, was the main thought in mind. Then I just went with the idea of a computer virus.

One intersting tide bit about this card is that it is the only card or illustration for that matter that I did totally digitally.

This is the Vortex card. All I can say is get out of the way. Otherwise you are going to get sucked in.

This is the Wind Spike card. Now this card doesn't pack that much of a punch but you really wouldn't know that if you were to only look at the card. I realized that I make the cards look a lot stronger than they actually are. I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing.

There you go. That is the end of the 90 day challenge. I hope you had fun and thanks for all the support. You all rock.

As allways all comments and critiques are welcome.
See you next time

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