Monday, September 14, 2009

Stupid work computer

Well I know that it has been a while. I have some stuff from SDCC to show but now it is old and I am sure most people don't want to see or hear about San Diego any more.

It has been hard for me to update at work. The security block on it makes it really hard sometimes to post stuff. Oh well, guess I will have to do it at home.

What is new. Well I have to say that just in case you didn't hear I LIKED THE G.I.JOE movie. Now don't get me wrong that movie was awful, but it was just like a cartoon from the 80's. Therefor I loved it.

And, because of that I have been looking at the G.I. Joe toys and well I have been buying them like a little boy. They are awesome. I will soon have the same amount of G.I.Joes as I did when I was a kid. Just with out the vehicles.

Well That is about it. I will soon post some work. I promise.

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  1. Cool. I was debating whether or not to buy the action figures.