Monday, June 1, 2009

I won 20 dollars

Hey people

Well I know that i have been a bit slow on the Ninjas and Woman, but I have been working on this 80's cartooon collection. My studio does monthly drawings and this month was the 80's cartoons. I had already done a ninja turtle but one of my studio mates told me that that was weak and then challenged me to do a compilation of all the cartoons that I watched. I said that was a good idea. He then said that I wouldn't get it done and would pay 20 bucks if I did. So here you go.

Ther are 122 characters in this double page spread

So what did we learn from all this.

1. I am crazy

2. I havn't missed and don't ever plan on missing a deadline

3. Don't challenge me and put money on the line. You will lose.

Yes I know there are some problems but I don't see myself going back and fixing it.

I do plan on inking and markering this piece in the future.



  1. How long have you had this blog going?

  2. I can't wait till you ink this! Would it be ok if I colored it?

  3. I you would like to color it, be my guest.