Saturday, May 2, 2009

G. I. Joe Resolute

So I was looking for a way to voice my feelings about this cartoon for days now.

When it started I was taken by storm. I couldn't wait to see the next episode. They were really changing the way that G.I. Joe was going to be viewed. I loved it. It was animated to nicely. I am a sucker for good animation. People were getting shot. Known characters were getting killed. It was the way that all us 80's kids wanted G.I. Joe to be but never got. So up to episode four I was hooked.

Then my inner teacher came out and I started realizing how the story was slowly but surely going back to old G.I. Joe. Thousand of rounds were being shot at two people and missed. I couldn't stand that. Not to mention that everything just happened to work out for G.I Joe. All the pieces fell together way to easy. With all that said there were three things that really bothered me.

Spoiler, just in case you havn't watched it

1: At the end Duke was trying to access the computer and it told him ACCESS DENIED. Well aparently that doesn't mean what it use to. Because as Cobra Commander is giving his speach, that there was nothing that Duke could do, Duke was able to bypass the security codes (which I didn't know what his specialty) and was able to redirect the lazer beam to Cobra Headquarters.
Once agin kinda just worked out for the good guys that way. STORYTELLING ISSUE

2: The name is of the movie was G.I. Joe RESOLUTE. Well nothing got resolved. G.I. Joe was still there. Cobra Commander disapeared without a trace. So it is possible that he is still around. So the saga can continue. NO RESOLUTION. STORYTELLING ISSUE

3. Now for me this is the biggest problem. There were three known people who died in the movie. Major Blood, Bazooka, and Storm Shadow. How the hell can you kill Storm Shadow. I my opinion that is G.I. Joe. If you were to go to the streets and ask people what they know about G.I. Joe, the majority of them will either say Snake-eyes or Storm Shadow. There is no one that could take their place. For instance, if you were to kill Cobra Commander Destro would take his place and most people wouldn't be upset. If you killed Duke, Flint would take his place and most people wouldn't be upset. If you kill Snake-eyes or Storm Shadow, how would take their place? NO ONE. Their battle is Yin and Yang. You have to have both. The battle between the short tempered better martial artist and the calm and collected slightly lesser skilled martial artist, will go on forever in real life and should continue in G.I. Joe. Their battle is what kept people coming back and should go on until the end of G.I. Joe. The very end. To me is seems as though the heart of G.I. Joe has just be taken out. STORYTELLING ISSUE

So the only thing that really got RESOLVED was the fact that someone thought that it would be a good idea to establish that Storm Shadow is not a major character. Every major character in G.I. Joe Resolute survived this movie except Storm Shadow. STORYTELLING ISSUE

But, hey that is just my opionion. If you havn't seen it, go watch it and form your own opionion. It is a great animation with some really cool shots, but it also, once agian my opionion, has some big storytelling holes.

Well I guess I am done.
Thanks for reading my rant

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